Universum’s most attractive US employers for computer science students

  • Employer-branding company Universum shared its latest annual rankings of the most attractive US employers for college students for 2020.
  • According to their findings, computer science students are hoping to work for tech giants and video game companies. 
  • Google remained as the most attractive employer for these students, holding the top slot from last year’s ranking. 
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Computer science students across the US are hoping to land a job at software and gaming companies ranging from Nintendo to Google.

Employer-branding company Universum just published this year’s ranking of the most attractive US employers. Universum surveyed over 43,700 students from a variety of fields and universities about what they want in a future employer. 

One of the questions asked respondents for the five ideal employers that they most wanted to work for. The employer-branding firm then ranked companies and organizations by finding which had the highest shares of students in various majors and fields of study naming them as one of their ideal employers.

Based on the survey results, computer science students are highly interested in Google, Apple, and Microsoft, where each company had over a quarter of computer science students list them as one of their top five employers.

The following are the 30 most attractive employers for students in computer science:

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