Top 7 Antivirus Apps for Your Smartphone 2020

What do you do when you buy a new Android smartphone? First of all, you download favorite applications that you often use. On your list, there can be a lot of social networks apps – such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. And also – favorite games, software for editing photos, and sharing files. But did you think about ensuring the security of your device? Antiviruses remain one of the most popular types of applications on Android. Whether they are needed or not, this topic is constantly discussed. As a rule, antivirus is not required if you comply with security rules, download everything from the Play Market, and include the settings necessary to protect against viruses. Nevertheless, there are those who like to take risks and do not do so. Everyone who wants to ensure one’s smartphone security can make use of Total AV free antivirus or pick a solution from our list.

Avast Mobile Security

The antivirus giant Avast launched its extensive experience and created an application that goes beyond the scope of a regular antivirus scanner. Even in the free version, call blocking, firewall, and antivirus features are also available, allowing you to remotely block or completely erase data on an Android device if you lose it.

Another useful feature of antivirus is application blocking. If enabled, your device will prompt for a PIN before opening certain programs. This prevents the automatic launch of applications such as Internet banks, which is often used by attackers.

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security

Antivirus for Android from the South Korean development studio AhnLab is not as famous as the previous candidate on this list. Nevertheless, it has a very high level of malware detection and works well even on older devices.

Other convenient features are a hidden gallery for personal photos and quick cleaning of activity history in all applications. The antivirus feature includes signaling, remote tracking, blocking, and erasing data from the device.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender is another big name in the world of information security. Its free antivirus program for Android is very lightweight. In fact, it never runs in the background, freeing up system resources, and saving battery life.

But you will definitely need to schedule a scan schedule or run it manually. All new applications downloaded to your device are automatically scanned. Another advantage of this application is that it is ready to run immediately after installation – no additional configuration is required.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus free mobile version of Kaspersky Antivirus handles malware detection well and does not have built-in advertising.

The program will also try to block any malicious sites or links before you open them to prevent infection. Another interesting option is support for smartwatches with Android Wear. But almost all additional functions are brought to the paid version.

McAfee Security & Power Booster

McAfee is another well-known name for antivirus software for PCs, and its mobile version for Android will not disappoint either. In addition to the antivirus scanner itself, free application features include tracking a lost device, as well as remote blocking and erasing data. If your device is stolen, the app can even take a picture of a thief!


Other basic features include scanning applications to see if sensitive information is leaked and blocking them if necessary. McAfee also blocks access to potentially malicious websites and allows you to create a blacklist of objectionable subscribers.

Norton Security and Antivirus

Free antivirus from Norton detects up to 100% of all malware for Android. The scanner runs on the Norton Mobile Insight engine and can detect viruses in applications and files, and then automatically treat them.

Other useful features include blocking the phone by SMS and self-locking when seizing a SIM card. You can also remotely lock your device if it is lost (or lock it after 10 failed password attempts).

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

Trend Micro antivirus scans new applications for malicious code and prevents new applications from accessing other programs, which can be useful for device administrators and parents. There is also a built-in Facebook privacy scanner that alerts you if your profile settings display sensitive information.

The free application includes a 7-day trial of premium features. These include malware blocker that can scan applications before they are installed to prevent infection. There is also a secure surf service, as well as call and SMS filtering.

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