This $60 Device Can Sanitize Your Phone in Just Five Minutes

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According to a study conducted by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) in 2017,  the average smartphone has 17,032 germs on its surface, some of which could carry disease. Combine that with research from RescueTime (a company whose productivity software tracks your tech usage) that says most people pick up their phone 58 times per day, and well, you’re exposing yourself to a lot of bacteria each time you check social media or send that text.

One of the easiest ways to clean your phone (and other commonly used devices) is by exposing them to UV (Ultra Violet) light. Columbia University’s Center For Radiological Research recently published an article saying UV light can actually help reduce the passing of airborne viruses, which includes COVID-19.

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Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer, $59.99, available at ZAGG

Invisible Shield, a company best known for making screen protectors, recently released a $60 UV sanitizer that it says can kill 99.9% of common surface bacteria on your phone in just five minutes. The sanitizer uses UV-C light, which the company says won’t damage your phone, and kills bacterial cells by damaging their DNA. The best UV sanitizers have been hard to find since March, as the coronavirus pandemic had people rushing to disinfect their devices, and similar models online run into the hundreds of dollars. This one, from Invisible Shield, is just $59.99 and available to ship right away.

The Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer is 9.45 inches long, 5.75 inches wide, and 1.57 inches deep, which is small enough that you easily carry it in a backpack. You do need to connect it to an outlet for it to work though, so it isn’t totally portable.

To use the device, put your phone into the sanitizer’s chamber, close the lid, and push start. Four LEDs will light up during the cycle to indicate when it’s 25%, 50%, 75%, and eventually 100% complete. One cycle will clean both the top and bottom of your phone, so there’s no need to flip it over and run another cycle.

The unit can also be used to sanitize other small accessories, like your keys, wallet, earbuds and sunglasses. Pop your keys and wallet into the device once you get in the door, to make sure you’re not bringing germs into the house. It’s also safe for jewelry too.

Of course, blasting your phone with UV light may reduce your exposure to bacteria containing COVID-19, but you should still take other precautions to limit your exposure, including following the latest CDC guidelines. As for the deal, you can pick up the Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer for just $59.99 here.

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