Samsung now offering product demos at home in India

In a pursuit to stronghold its the Indian market, Samsung has announced a lot of initiatives for the last couple of months. The chaebol recently introduced a privacy mode dubbed AltZLife exclusively for the country. It recently also announced its finance service to allow customers to buy devices easily from the comfort of the home.

Samsung also offers Galaxy Forever and Galaxy Assured service in the country. The former is a lease program while the latter offers assured buyback scheme. To keep its mobile business healthy in the pandemic, Samsung has now launched yet another program in the country. This one offers Samsung customers to have product demos right at their doorstep.

Samsung customers can now book home product demos in India

The South-Korean giant has now launched its Experience Samsung at Home program in India. As a part of this program, the potential customers can book home demos for Galaxy devices. Apart from smartphones, the program also includes various other products such as wearables and tablets. The smartphone maker has now added a separate portal for all the requests. You can head over to this link and register for the Experience Samsung at Home service.

Once you fill the form above, your contact details will be shared with the nearest Samsung Experience Store. You will get an appointment confirmation within 24 hours of placing the request. Once booked, a Samsung Experience Consultant (SEC) will visit your home with the requested Galaxy devices. The chaebol has also emphasized on the fact that it will follow all the safety guidelines.

Once you decide to buy the product, you can use the same link to place a home delivery for the requested product. With that said, you will need to pay digitally meaning there will be no option to pay in cash mode.

Samsung also offers a Student Program, Referral Program, and shop 20k advantage!

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung introduced three programs as well namely Student Program, Referral Program, and Shop 20K Advantage. As you might have guessed already, the Student Program offers products at special prices to students while the Referral Program allows customers to earn vouchers whenever someone buys something from their referral link. The Shop 20K, on the other hand, was offering Samsung Shop users a chance to win 10 shopping vouchers worth $276 each.

With that said, the smartphone maker seems to introduce aggressive moves in order to attract more customers. It would be interesting to see how well the new initiative is received by the consumers.


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