Is Open Source Truly Eating The Software World?

Is Open Source Truly Eating The Software World?

In recent times there’s been a massive increase in interest being shown in open source across different industries. Many entrepreneurs are pitching open source startups and this is causing a lot of disruptions and competition in that space.

Many users on are keen on finding out what is responsible for this sudden increase of interest in open source software and that is why they always ask – is open source truly eating the software world?

How Open Source Software Evolved

Over the last few years, the popularity of open source software has increased and many of the big tech companies and individuals have invested a lot of money in basic software ideas. This was not the case many years ago when software that was being sold in a more formal setting that had a representative show up well-dressed with a contract agreement containing the details of the sales. A few years ago, we started witnessing the rise of several innovative startups that designed disruptive go-to-market models that provided many top companies with products that were downloadable over the internet. This immediately eliminated the need for sales representatives to travel across the globe in fancy suits and ties pitching products to companies.

The products that were developed by these innovative startups were referred to as freemium products and allows for the end users to measure engagement and determine whether or not they are satisfied with the final enhanced version of the product. This perhaps explains how open source is truly eating the software world and changing how things are being done in that industry. However, that’s not all with the impact that open source software is causing in its world. There is more and some of it includes:

  • It is causing a huge disruption

Open source software is causing a huge disruption in the decision making process of many IT or technologically-driven organizations. It has helped many startups and organizations to adopt better product strategies and plans for the organization. Now, the power to decide what software a company can use is not as concentrated in the executive setup of the company as it used to a long time ago. Open source software is also putting more pressure on several organizations to consider building a much faster, cheaper, and effective software.

  • Many believe it is capable of crippling the opportunities of many companies

Experts are of the opinion that open source software doesn’t make for good investments and has the potential of crippling the opportunities a company has of monetizing its innovations. Today, many people do not have to pay for software because it appears that they can get it for free or at a much cheaper rate from third-party providers on the Internet.

There are many ups and downs in open source that are really eating the software world. The catch, however, is that open source companies have to design a system that helps them to demonstrate operating leverage in the coming years. It is also not enough for businesses to just sell support for open source software. Instead, they should go for an open source company that can leverage a product for sales, engineering polarization, and good marketing.