How Do You Know if You Are a Geek?

Several signs will help you identify a geek from the everyday person. Perhaps your friends and classmates at one time caused you to mistake the accompanying crisis of teenage years or mid-life crisis as signs of being a geek. Well, stick with us as we dispel the myths of geekiness. And you can finally tell if you genuinely are a geek or not. Did you hear about the kid who saved the internet only some months ago? Well, he is a perfect benchmark to use as a scale for geekiness.

You are a geek if you:

1.   Are obsessed with a particular area of interest

Geeks have a committed obsession with some regions of interest that takes a significant portion of their lives. It is usually their waking thoughts in the morning and what they do before going to bed at night. Such interests could make a geek lose several days of sleep on end.

2.   Have a small clique of like minds

They find it hard to mix with the crowd. When a geek does make a new acquaintance, it is almost always from a small poll of people with which they share similar interests. Interfacing with this community is easy for them; they live in their worlds. The clique of friends that geeks with common interest form would very well qualify as a cult because they sometimes have unique jokes, channels of communication; that are usually foreign to outsiders.

3.   Are eccentric and actively seek out opportunities to exhibit your knowledge

This trait is closely related to showing off, though geeks merely do it to show off that they are, after all, not insignificant members of the society. They brag, whenever a discussion veers in the way of their obsession or interest. This unnecessary show off is often a way of dazing the listening audience with the immense wealth of their knowledge in the said field.

4.   Always seek new knowledge, of course in your niche of interest

Geeks are active seekers of knowledge; they will leave no stone in seeking the latest information in their area of interest. Be it the gaming world, or the newest code editor or open-source online repository. A quick visit to the twitter profile of Marcus Hutchins, the young hacker that was celebrated for saving the internet, will avail you the opportunity of observing the highlighted attribute. True to which, his account was one of the first to tweet about the recent high profile coordinated bitcoin hacks on Twitter.

5.   Take pride in your capabilities, and are ready to take the long haul

A geek hacker like Marcus will proudly own up (like he did in his confessions) of his misdeeds, irrespective of the repercussions.

However, feel free to dispel the idea of being a tech geek, for example, if you call tech support at the slightest hiccup of your gadget. A tech geek reading reviews, or scanning through electronic companies reviews has probably gone there to compare price; their pride and eccentricity make them feel like following the conventional way of doing things is a taboo.