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ByteDance, U.S. government talking about avoiding full sale of TikTok

TikTok logos are seen on smartphones in front of a displayed ByteDance logo in this illustration taken November 27, 2019.

Dado Ruvic | Reuters

ByteDance is speaking with the U.S. government about possible solutions that may allow it to retain some ownership of the U.S. operations of TikTok, while satisfying regulators in both China and the U.S. Those possibilities include handing over operational control of TikTok data to a U.S. tech company, while potentially still holding on to some ownership of assets, a person familiar with the process told CNBC.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported Wednesday that ByteDance was working with the U.S. government on ways to avoid a full sale.  The discussions have been taking place for months, the Journal reported, and the situation remains remains fluid. It’s still unclear if the Trump administration will be willing to go along with such a solution.

The White House previously

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The best broadband deals in September 2020

Ah, the search for broadband deals. If your internet plan has finally reached its end, you’ll be thinking of diving back into the slightly confusing pile of offers, prices, discounts and promotions. 

However, there is no need to worry – we’re going to guide you through it. We’ll bring you the best and cheapest broadband deals, inform you on the kind of speeds you need and help you find your perfect plan.

Of course, if you’re one step ahead of the game and already know the kind of package you’re looking for, this will be easy. Simply use the table below to compare broadband plans, with affordable ADSL, super fast fibre, and TV add-ons from all of the big names.

For those a little more unfamiliar with the world of internet deals, we’ve done the research for you and answered all of the key questions you may have further down

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The IRC and tech partners launch digital initiative to combat misinformation for Venezuelan refugees and displaced populations in Colombia

  • The platform – InfoPalante – is the most recent instance of the Signpost project, which operates globally to provide life-saving information to vulnerable populations including refugees and people fleeing crisis.
  • Signpost uses context-appropriate social media channels to create two-way messaging with users, allowing the platform to adapt content contextualized to the community. Signpost has reached approximately two million users around the world.
  • Tripadvisor, Jigsaw, Zendesk, Nethope, and others are supporting the IRC in the expansion, providing critical financial support and in-kind expertise in technology and product design.

Today, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), with support from Tripadvisor, Jigsaw, Zendesk, and Nethope, launched InfoPalante, a digital platform to help displaced populations and Venezuelan refugees living in Colombia. Users will be able to access crucial information on civil and legal rights, jobs, and access to healthcare. The platform provides a detailed map of services and

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Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center uses internet personalities, celebs to fight child abuse

The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center in Rancho Mirage recently debuted its new Fight Child Abuse campaign for prevention and awareness in partnership with media personalities and popular content creators from TikTok and Instagram.

The project, which is directed toward parents, teachers, school counselors and children, was developed to meet the needs of those isolated by COVID-19 and designed to connect with young people where they are — online. The $1.5 million nationwide campaign aims to educate youth on how to reach out to a trusted adult and empower them to disclose their abuse.

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With COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, no schools to attend and plenty of economic stress for families

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8 digital jobs you can do from home and be your own boss

a woman sitting at a table using a laptop: Being a solopreneur: 8 digital jobs you can do from home and be your own boss

Being a solopreneur: 8 digital jobs you can do from home and be your own boss

In a world where the internet is now used by more than 4.5 billion individuals or over half the global population, the online medium is undoubtedly bursting with new possibilities. Combine access to good speed Internet with adequate technical knowhow and a knack for business innovation, and you have the recipe for starting a solo digital business.

With the ever-restless millennial workforce always on the lookout for avenues that break the status quo, digital solopreneurs or people running solo businesses online are the next big thing!

The digital revolution sweeping the world has given us unprecedented access to people, ideas as well as marketplace. On one hand, the digital medium gives us access to a huge market or consumers, on the other hand it also makes it easier to find work associates and sell

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The imperative of digital diplomacy for Pakistan

A diplomatic mission of a country is historically considered as a symbol of sovereignty in the host country and a diplomat is the vices urgent of the sovereign. Diplomacy as an art and science which owes its developments to the societal changes, has become complex , as the world moved from city states to Nation states, to empires, to present day global world, interconnected with internet and other fast means of physical communication . Several stakeholders have emerged ; apart from states who interact globally and have greatly influenced diplomacy in its content as well as its conduct .

The 21st Century world is unrecognizable from 17, 18th,19th and even 20th century world, in terms of foundational societal transformations , and the resultant impact on the state structure and functions. In today’s world the interaction is not confined to two sovereigns, but an interaction between several stakeholders who interact independently

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County board referral targets local ‘digital divide’

SALINAS — In the wake of the viral social media image of two young girls sitting on the ground outside a Salinas Taco Bell to access the internet for school, two Monterey County supervisors are calling for the county to lead a wide-ranging effort aimed at closing the “digital divide” for all county residents.

A referral submitted by Board of Supervisors chairman Chris Lopez and County Supervisor Luis Alejo on Tuesday seeks a collaborative effort between the county, local school districts, area cities and community partners to address the issue, including advocacy for solutions at the state and federal levels.

The digital divide refers to the difference in internet access between disparate communities and people based on the adequacy of both internet connectivity and available digital devices. It has come into starker focus during the COVID-19 pandemic including concerning distance learning and students.

Alejo noted the attention generated by

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Why I’m a digital reactionary

I was born in the house my father built, but it was ruled by my mother, Ann. It was 1998, and the analog world was crumbling in the face of the digital revolution. Most saw this impending shift as an accomplishment to be heralded. A few saw it as an inevitability to be managed. But Ann saw the digital age for what it would be—a siege upon the human psyche. 

Guided by raw instinct, Ann defended her children, launching into the breach with a crusader’s zeal. There was to be no TV on weekdays. Video game consoles were verboten. Computer time was strictly limited to two hours per week of Freddi Fish or similar CD-ROM games. Relative to my surroundings, to my friends who had Game Boys in their pockets and televisions in their rooms, my upbringing was austere in a way that felt personal. “Why me, why do I

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Centre to SC in Sudarshan TV Controversy

'Leave it to Govt or Make Rules for Digital Media First': Centre to SC in Sudarshan TV Controversy

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‘Leave it to Govt or Make Rules for Digital Media First’: Centre to SC in Sudarshan TV Controversy

Digital media is “completely uncontrolled” and is rampantly tarnishing reputations of people apart from spreading venomous hatred and violence, the central government has submitted in the Supreme Court.

In its affidavit, the government stated that regulations on digital media is also a subject that should be examined by the legislature.

But if the apex court is persuaded to lay down guidelines for the mainstream electronic and print media, which the government said is not required, the court must start this exercise with ‘web based digital media’.

“In case this Hon’ble Court desires to travel into the wider issues then the issue in question, including particular series or a particular TV channel, it is absolutely inevitable to start with digital media,” underlined the affidavit.

It said the top court

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IDIS powers scalable video security product lines with Texas Instruments digital media processor and software

DAEJON, Korea, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Intelligent Digital Integrated Security Co., Ltd. (IDIS), a leading provider of digital video surveillance solutions, announces it is utilizing Texas Instruments Incorporated’s (TI’s) (NYSE: TXN) TMS320DM6446 digital media processor based on DaVinci(TM) technology for two video surveillance-focused product lines. IDIS is delivering a low-cost, four channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and an Internet Protocol (IP) video transmitter and receiver for IP-based surveillance systems. These products help customers protect their video surveillance system investments by allowing current analog cameras to work with future, IP-based systems. For more information about IDIS products, please visit

Taking advantage of TI’s DM6446 processor and MPEG-4 codec, IDIS is achieving elevated levels of performance, reliability and software integration for its current DVR and IP video transmitters and receivers. Both product lines will be extended later this year to include multiple channel DVRs and IP cameras, which is made possible

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