Building The World’s Top AI Industry Community

When it comes to artificial intelligence, and technology in general, we as a society are often guilty of thinking of it as separate from humanity. However, AI and humanity are of course intricately entwined, as AI is built by humans. Just as the saying goes, “no man is an island,” the same can be said of what we build.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has now permeated all sectors of business – and for good reason. 

Across multiple industries, difficult or expensive tasks can be automated by AI/ML and, as a result, catapult even failing businesses into success. AI boasts a seemingly infinite list of applications – from improving customer experience to curing sleep disorders. 

However, as the use of artificial intelligence rises, so does the need for cross-industry communication on the topic. 

Ai4 is unique in that it creates a bridge between industries, leaders, and technologists. The company provides a common framework for what AI means to both enterprise and the future of our globe as we transition into a new era of responsible human-machine collaboration. 

One attendee, senior manager at The Aldo Group, commented on the benefits of this approach stating, “I gained great insights into how my peers and competitors are leveraging AI & ML.”

Ai4 was started by co-founders Marcus Jecklin and Michael Weiss as a small 350-person AI for financial services conference at a hotel in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, it has grown to be the top community for industry professionals seeking to learn about artificial intelligence. 

Ai4 convenes thousands of people each year and reaches tens of thousands more through offline and online events, AI enterprise trainings, AI blogs and newsletters, AI matchmaking programs, and an AI jobs board.

Ai4 2020 (originally scheduled to take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, now taking place digitally) promises to be an incredibly impactful event.

By gathering leaders of enterprise from across industry, government organizations, disruptive startups, investors, research labs, academia, associations, open source projects, media and analysts, Ai4 is creating the largest and most influential venue for AI-related idea-sharing, commerce, and technological progress.

Speakers for this years event include Salahuddin Khawaja, Managing Director – Automation / Global Risk, Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Stephen Wong, Chief Informatics Officer, Houston Methodist; Ameen Kazerouni, Head of ML/AI Research and Platforms, Zappos; Safiya Noble, Associate Professor, UCLA; and Meltem Ballan, Data Science Lead, General Motors.

“The speakers were amazing,” commented an Assortment & Space Analyst, BJ’s Wholesale regarding past Ai4 live events. “They covered a wide range of topics that will certainly help push our AI initiatives forward.”

Success in business can often be attributed to networking – and this is no different when it comes to technology. Networks foster the exchange of ideas, as well as mutual confidence and understanding.

They also enable best practices to be created and distributed. Herein lies the genius of Ai4’s AI Matchmaking system. Through this system, Ai4 arranges digital 1-1 meetings between industry leaders and vetted AI companies from the Ai4 community. 

The results of this model seem to speak for themselves, according to participants. “As far as recommendations go, I don’t believe there is anything currently on the market, that competes or provides as much value, as Ai4’s 1:1 virtual meetings,” said Founder & CEO at Medlytics.

For any technology, a lack of open channels for communication will not only stall progress, but in the case of AI, it could also mean profound impacts for society. Simply put, more perspectives we encourage in this field translates into more comprehensive discussions of ethical implications and inclusive development. 

Ai4 has been able to effectively address this need in the AI community by not only facilitating (virtual) space such as their AI Slack Community, but also conversations. Webinars led by AI’s industry leaders on pressing topics are frequently hosted by Ai4. 

Additionally, Ai4 provides AI training in the form of open enrollment courses for Data Scientists & Execs as well as enterprise AI training advisory services ensuring that the Ai4 community members remain on the cutting edge. With the explosion of AI education providers in recent years, Ai4 is using their expertise to help enterprises navigate the AI education landscape to find the optimal curriculum at a fair price.

“The individual presentations and moderated panels had a great combination of thoughtful commentary and technical details,” commented Founder & CEO at RCM Brain, “satisfying a diverse audience of technologists and business leaders.”

Perhaps now more than ever, it is crucial that we remain connected – especially when it comes to the innovations that will shape our future.

Sri Ambati, CEO of summarizes the strengths of this community well stating, “Ai4 brings together industry experts, data scientists and AI researchers to discover solutions to valuable problems across verticals.”

Ai4 is demonstrating the right way to build an advanced technology community with global, virtual conversations made up of diverse, cross-cultural, cross-industry perspectives and led by the world’s preeminent experts.

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