Apparently Lena Chapin’s Family Is Sharing Info On Reddit With ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Fans

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Photo credit: Netflix

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  • Unsolved Mysteries episode titled “Missing Witness” has sparked multiple wild fan theories on Reddit.

  • Netflix also shared new never-before-seen footage and evidence on Reddit to help amateur detectives solve the case.

  • Viewers have shared why they think Lena Chapin disappeared and what exactly happened to her stepdad.

Netflix’s reboot of hit true crime show Unsolved Mysteries has inspired fans/amateur internet sleuths to help crack these cases, with many taking to online forums like Reddit to discuss the episodes in detail and share their conspiracy theories. So far, fans have theorized about potential hidden meanings in Rey Rivera’s last note, the disappearance of Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès and what really happened to his family, and who murdered hairdresser Patrice Endres.

These theories have emerged in the subreddit r/UnsolvedMysteries , and now fans are turning to the series’ sixth episode, titled “Missing Witness,” about the disappearance of Lena Chapin. Netflix took note and created a public Google Drive “with all the assembled evidence, case files, interviews, and video clips for each story that didn’t make it into the final episodes.” The treasure trove has many Redditors swapping fascinating new theories about Chapin.

What Unsolved Mysteries fans know about Lena Chapin:

The episode details Chapin’s claim that her mother, Sandy Klemp, had killed her third husband Gary McCullough (Chapin’s then-stepdad) with the help of her fourth husband, Kris Klemp, in Dent County, Missouri in 1999. Those events led to Chapin’s disappearance in 2006 after she was issued a subpoena to testify in court. (At the time of McCullough’s murder, Chapin was just 13 years old. By 2006, she was 21, the legal age to testify against her mother in court, according to Reddit.)

In 2003, Chapin confessed to McCullough’s brother, Albert McCullough, that she saw her mother murder McCullough and was also forced to help dispose of the body. Albert taped their conversation. According to Unsolved Mysteries, Chapin divulged:

“He was sitting on the couch, eating scrambled eggs. She walked out and shot him three times in the head. Two, maybe three times… and she couldn’t hack it until we got home. And she wrapped him up with plastic stuff and hay strings… she dragged him to the bedroom. She locked the door and we got home. Mom made me stay in the bedroom. She didn’t want me to see him. But I’d already seen him. ‘Cause I looked through the door. I didn’t believe it and I wanted to see.”

When she disappeared, Chapin left behind a baby son named Colter. Chapin’s sister, Robin, went looking for her at her apartment in Missouri and found Chapin’s then-boyfriend, Jason, and vague info about her whereabouts. Apparently, Klemp told him that Chapin had moved to Florida with another man. Fans think there’s much more to the Missing Witness” story, and they even have the evidence to back it up.

#1: Previously unreleased footage suggests Chapin’s story wasn’t as rock-solid as it seemed in Unsolved Mysteries.

According to those previously unreleased clips on Netflix’s Google Drive, investigator Brian Martin was unsure about how legit Chapin’s story had been:

“Something that was interesting when he did find Gary’s truck was there was one place to sit and that was the driver’s seat. You could sit on the passenger side, but you couldn’t put your feet on the floor as there was so much litter. I found it ironic because in the one interview I did get with Lena, she said that on the night Gary left she rode with him in the truck but didn’t want to be seen with him. And she sat on the floor of the truck. I commented to the other investigators that were there: ‘Nobody has sat on that floor for a long time’.”

#3: The footage also shows Klemp’s ex-wife saying he and Sandy really did murder McCullough.

Per Martin, Jennifer Klemp, Kris Klemp’s wife at the time of McCullough’s murder, delivered a damning account of her husband’s behavior. This testimony was also included in Netflix’s Google Drive.

“She said they were having a screaming match and he said something to the effect of ‘I can’t worry about this stuff right now. I’ve got to worry about killing a man,'” she recalled.

Retired Sheriff Mick Epperly confirmed more details: “Jennifer told us she took Kris Klemp to the location of the Gary McCullough­ place. Dropped him off on the curb. And later picked him up that night. And Jennifer said Kris was as scared as he could be. I believe that was probably the night Gary was burned.”

#4: One Redditor suggests there was an innocent explanation for the bloodstain in Chapin’s apartment.

Redditor Petersenbrandi84, who claims to be Sandy Klemp’s oldest daughter, explained: “Let me correct some things… Also the blood stain in her apartment was not of a murder that was committed, but a miscarriage my sister had had less then a year prior to her disappearance.”

Redditor PapaEchoNovIndiSiera, who claims McCullough was their uncle and Chapin was their cousin, shared more about Chapin’s disappearance: “the apartment where lena lived when she disappeared. Sandy randomly showed up there the day lena disappeared. Sandy told lena’s boyfriend that she had ran off with another man and left her kid behind. Soon after she ‘ran off to Florida’, the landlord did complete renovations due to blood stains on the carpet. The landlord was quoted saying ‘it looked like a dog had been chopped up’ because when the carpet was pulled up, a giant blood stain was found on the wood below the carpet, as well as in the carpet itself. The landlord disposed of the old carpet and didn’t notify police, because he was unaware of the circumstances behind lena’s disappearance, all he knew is that lena ‘moved away’. To make things even more interesting, soon thereafter, the entire apartment building burnt to the ground..”

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