Android Vs iPhone: Which of the Mobile Devices Offer Better Battery Performance?

Android Vs iPhone: Which of the Mobile Devices Offer Better Battery Performance?

The Android and iPhone debate has been fierce for so long. You can see contributions from both Android and iPhone lovers on There is a guarantee that many people, when they want to purchase a phone, purchase either an Android or iOS product. However, fans and lovers always want to debate which product is better. Both phone brands are quite mature. They have both accumulated comprehensive features that make them distinct.  However, putting Android and iPhone together, you’ll see obvious differences in their abilities. Many people are wary of some phones because of their batteries.

The battery life, as much as the usage tests and hardware specs, play a major role before the purchase of any phone. There are different battery capabilities on various devices. Comparing ratings and tests from best energy companies can help in making phone decisions. Many people say that the battery life of Android devices and iOS devices are comparable. But there are a few things considerations must be given to. They are:

·       Battery Specs:

You need to comprehend battery specs before you know which product is better than the other. Looking at a device’s specifications, there is always the abbreviation of mAh, which is milliamp hours. It simply means the hours such a phone battery will last due to its manufactured current. If a phone has a 1,000-mAh, for instance, it will be drained before 10 hours. Many Android smartphones have higher rating mAh than iOS products. Due to this, we can say that Android smartphones last longer than iPhones, but some other variables must be regarded.

·       Phone Battery Usage:

While the mAh equation makes sense, detailed reviews of a phone’s standby are also important. A standby mode should naturally degenerate battery life slower than when it is in the normal mode. Of course, talk time further sucks battery life. However, it has been revealed that battery life is reduced enormously while playing high-definition video and audio or surfing the internet. Which means that the more apps, OS processes and hardware some phones possess, the more they drain the battery.

·       Default Comparisons:

The test of tablets and phones to know if the manufacturer’s battery life promise is reflected on the product released has been used to understand certain things. While iPhones now have strong battery time, Android products also seem stronger. However, Android tablets struggle to match the battery life of iPads.

·       Power Management:

Battery life increases or decreases based on the settings a user makes in his/her phone. Settings such as volume, vibration, brightness, activation of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc. drains the battery. The OS and other messaging apps and internet connection apps also run on default which drains battery life.

However, the extent of services and activities a phone user uses his/her phone for determines how long the battery will last. A phone user who reads with his phone will have a battery that lasts longer than the user who plays arcade games most of the time. In all, Android batteries last longer than iPhone batteries. But recent products from the iPhone have proved capable of the battery life competition.