5 Things That Set a Gaming PC Apart from a Console

5 Things That Set a Gaming PC Apart from a Console

As a gamer, you must have had experiences using or heard about gaming PC or consoles at least. These two are quite important to aid a gamer’s gaming experience. However, there are usually controversies about which of these two is the best for enjoying a good gaming time.

The fact is that we cannot categorically tell you which to choose. However, we can put you through some factors which will help you make an informed decision on which of these two is the best to improve your gaming experience. You can also check out Britain Reviews, an online review platform, to see what other gamers have to say about these devices or any other game gadgets.

It would also help if you read about electronic gadgets reviews to know what to expect from each brand and product you may be looking out to purchase. Either way, you need to get the right information before settling for either a gaming PC or a console. Here are some of the factors that will help you through this decision-making path: –

1.  Simplicity and Ease

One of the factors that set apart both gaming PC and consoles is simplicity and ease. A gaming console is easy to use, play and enjoy. However, a gaming PC, on the other hand, needs the gamer to have certain technical skills to enjoy the game.

Also, the budget for getting a gaming console is limited to only a few things like the console, extra controllers, games, and multiplayer. On the other hand, a gaming PC has a host of variety to offer; hence, if you choose to build your pc, you may have to budget more for purchasing a gaming pc as opposed to a console.

2.  Saving money while playing

Another significant factor that sets a gaming PC and consoles apart is how money gets saved while enjoying the game. You may need to sign up for a paid Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services with a gaming console to ensure that you get to play with multiplayer. On the other hand, a gaming PC does not require money to allow for multiplayer. Although the membership of an Xbox Live is about $60 for a year and may seem trivial, it piles up over the years.

3.  Customization of device

Customization is another significant factor that sets a gaming PC and consoles apart. With gaming consoles, you cannot think of customization. However, with a gaming PC, especially when you are building yourself, you have the opportunity to customize the gadget to your taste.

4.  More Games

While you can enjoy more games with both gaming PC and consoles, there are more games available when you use gaming PCs than there are with consoles. For instance, some games will make their way to gaming PCs first before they get to gaming consoles. Examples of such games include Minecraft, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, amongst others. Other examples of games that are yet to be on consoles include Eve, DayZ, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, amongst others.

5.  Enhanced Graphics

Another significant factor or attribute that sets a gaming PC and consoles apart is the factor of enhanced graphics. With a gaming PC, it is possible to download modifications for games on PCs. However, consoles do not have enhanced graphics or added content as modifications are impossible.


You will most likely have more fun while building your gaming PC as you can decorate and customize to suit your personality. That may not be possible with a console, but it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t enjoy the games on your console.