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Cool Construction Technology From Around The World 2020


Cool Construction Technology

Amazing projects of constructions are being completed around the world as I write this text. Along with new technology, new methods of building are created. From using flying drones to 3D printing smart helmets for workers and solar panels that are transparent, innovations are starting to have almost revolutionary impact on industry of construction. 2016 will be rich year for construction while technology providing even more, increasing job safety, flexibility and accuracy. Drones are starting to be used increasingly by mapping firms, construction firms and also public agencies. In America, aerial vehicles that have mounted camera are being used to track job progress in real time, or identifying hazards that could happen, especially on projects that are more complex and larger. 3D printing is really fascinating, it allows people to print almost anything if you have right printer and materials.

For many years, companies that deal with construction have come

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Best computer speakers 2020: the clearest picks for your PC and setup

A set of the best computer speakers is a great move for any PC and gaming setup. In a world seemingly dominated by headsets, the best PC speakers still open up options for players of games, but also those who use their setups for everything else too. 

A set of the best computer speakers is not a thing of the past anymore; while it did seem like the best gaming headsets and pc headsets for gaming were the only way forward a few years ago, there’s definitely a case to be made for having both now (budget dependent, of course).

For example, I much prefer having a headset on for socially-distanced web chats at work, while I prefer to blast my music on my PC speakers. As for gaming, it depends on what I’m playing: for shooters, I prefer a headset to hear every footstep, but for strategy games like

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Recipe for selling software in a pandemic: Be essential, add some machine learning, and focus, focus, focus

Sales of software programs are already being affected by the pandemic, as seen this week in the disappointing results of Slack Technologies, makers of the popular program for team collaboration. 

It turns out, when companies are cutting staff, they have less need for such programs. 

But it turns out there is a way for a nimble software maker to thrive in the current era, namely, by bringing valuable tools to very specific parts of the market. 

Such is the case for thirty-year-old software vendor Prophix, based just outside of Toronto, Ontario, in Mississauga. The company sells software for the finance department of mid-sized companies for evaluating financial data and performing forecasting. 

Prophix’s tools are designed to be much more accessible than general ledger programs from giant vendors such as Workday and Oracle, for the finance department that doesn’t have access to teams of analysts. Most of Prophix’s clients are companies

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