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FaceTec Biometrics to Weed Out Bots from New Social Media Platform

“We’re creating an alternative for anyone disappointed that social media today puts ad revenue above authenticity. Using a trusted biometric identity solution that actually delivers is a key part of that. And it was clear FaceTec 3D Face Authentication delivers exactly what we needed.” – Salah Zalatimo, CEO, Voice

FaceTec Biometrics to Weed Out Bots from New Social Media Platform

A new social media startup is aiming to make sure that its users are all authentic human beings, and has opted for FaceTec‘s biometric 3D face authentication technology to accomplish that mission.

Called Voice, the platform is based on EOS.IO blockchain. That’s one piece of the puzzle: blockchain ledger accounting can help to ensure that all verified users have a unique and irrefutable digital identity. But to make sure that each user is a real person in the first place, Voice looked for a biometric authentication solution.

FaceTec’s 3D Face Authentication fit the bill. The solution lets end users confirm their

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These are the 7 technology stocks Softbank piled into via call option strategies, report says

The logo of SoftBank Group Corp is displayed at SoftBank World 2017 conference in Tokyo

  • After being identified as the “whale” behind a series of option trades in technology stocks earlier this month, the SoftBank Group is now reconsidering its strategy, Bloomberg reported on Friday.
  • The firm met with investors to explain that its option trading strategy is somewhat conservative and is only in blue-chip tech stocks.
  • SoftBank employed a strategy of buying out-of-the-money call options on tech stocks, and selling even higher priced calls on the same names, according to the report.
  • Here are the seven technology stocks SoftBank piled into via call options, according to the report.
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After being identified as the “whale” behind a series of large options trades that raised eyebrows among investors earlier this month, the SoftBank Group is reconsidering its strategy, Bloomberg first

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Affordable sound for the win

Say goodbye to maxing out the volume button on your computer during your next Zoom call.

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Now that are working from home full-time, a lot of us are spending a ton of time in front of our home computers. And if there’s one thing that’s true about most computers, it’s that they have pretty terrible built-in speakers. Chances are, you’ll max out the volume button on your laptop and still find the sound too soft to hear your boss on a Zoom or Google Meet conference clearly enough. And if it’s that bad for a conference call, can you imagine streaming a movie or listening to music?

Luckily, you don’t have to just accept your computer’s shoddy speakers

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NeoGene unveils MagicWick-Inside platform for fabricating ultra-thin vapor chamber used in 5G smartphone thermal management applications

NeoGene unveils MagicWick-Inside platform for fabricating ultra-thin vapor chamber used in 5G smartphone thermal management applications

As demand for 5G mobile phones increases, the vapor chamber (VC) is emerging to become a key component in 5G smartphone thermal management. Competition is keen among vapor chamber suppliers, and there are at least more than 50 companies involved in this market segment. The ability to provide ultra-thin devices with high yield in mass production is the key to achieving technology leadership and gaining trust from international mobile phone brands.

The thickness of VC devices in mass production now by major thermal module makers is at 0.4mm and 0.35mm. But the trend of design has been following smartphone brands’ requirements for thinner VC devices with better performance. As a result, vapor chamber makers will be facing a very tough challenge attempting to fabricate ultra-thin high-performance devices.

NeoGene Tech, a company headquartered in Guangzhou,

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Coupa Software: Q2 Earnings Insights

Shares of Coupa Software (NASDAQ:COUP) fell 4.15% in after-market trading after the company reported Q2 results.

Quarterly Results

Earnings per share rose 200.00% over the past year to $0.21, which beat the estimate of $0.08.

Revenue of $125,921,000 up by 32.35% from the same period last year, which beat the estimate of $118,840,000.

Looking Ahead


Coupa Software Sees FY21 Adj. EPS $0.43-$0.45 vs $0.38 Est. Sales $496.5M-$498.5M vs $491.22M Est.

Coupa Software Sees Q3 EPS $0.02-$0.03 Vs. $0.05 Est., Sales $123M-$124M Vs. $122.25M Est.

Conference Call Details

Date: Sep 08, 2020

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Time: 04:30 PM

ET Webcast URL:


Company’s 52-week high was at $353.55

Company’s 52-week low was at $99.01

Price action over last quarter: Up 22.22%

Company Overview

Coupa Software is a cloud-based, business spending management platform that provides companies with more control and visibility into how they spend money. Since it was

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