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World War II Era Stealth Bomber? Meet the Bizarre-Looking YB-49 Flying Wing

Here’s What You Need To Remember: A flying wing reduces drag, making it a useful design for long-range bombing and transport.

As the United States approached World War II, it enjoyed the luxury of many innovative aircraft companies, and a ton of money to spend.  Part of this bounty went to pursuit aircraft, part to tactical attack planes, and part to long-range bombers. This last generated one of the most interesting failures ever to emerge from the U.S. aviation industry; the Northrop YB-49 “flying wing” bomber.

The Flying Wing

Early aviation engineers appreciated the potential for a “flying wing” design. A flying wing, which minimizes fuselage and usually eliminates the tail, reduces many of the aerodynamic compromises associated with a normal fuselage, reducing overall drag. However, many of these features enhance stability, meaning that a flying wing often lacks the stability of a traditional airframe. This makes the aircraft more

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Forecast cone, computer models, updates for Tropical Depression 13

ORLANDO, Fla. – A tropical depression is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane as it heads on a projected path toward Florida.


At 11 p.m. Thursday, Tropical Depression 13 was about 445 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph. The system was moving west-northwest at 22 mph. The system is not well-organized.

The National Hurricane Center said the system is expected to become either Tropical Storm Laura or Marco on Friday, depending on how soon a depression in the Caribbean reaches tropical storm status. A tropical storm has maximum sustained winds of 39-73 mph. The latest official projection shows the system possibly brushing by South Florida as a Category 1 hurricane Monday afternoon and continuing northwest. The latest forecast cone shows a Category 1 storm off Central Florida’s west coast by Tuesday afternoon.

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How to Install iOS in Android Smartphone

If you are looking for the best way to install iOS the operating system onto your Android phone, then you will probably be disappointed since it has not been done publicly. The claims in the past have been debunked or even removed all together.

The ideal solution to get the best iOS experience on your Android phone is to download an iOS launcher. We have downloaded several and played with a few. Some simply crashed and some iOS launchers do not crop the icons correctly to fit. Overall the best iOS launcher that best resembles the iOS interface are listed below. We think you’ll enjoy these for a proper iOS experience on Android. Let’s dive right in!

Like the new user interface that the iPhone XS has to offer, but don’t want to spend all that money on the phone? Well, here’s the good news: you don’t have to.

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