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Talent Transformation In A Post-Pandemic World

Srikanth is the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) at Mphasis.

The pandemic is transforming workforces into a new order as it sweeps through continents. Remote working, social distancing and lockdowns are melting old habits and shaping new behavior patterns worldwide. Enterprise leaders, unclear of the pandemic’s trajectory, are seeing the deep carves of digitalization etched onto an enterprise’s core and how that is catalyzing tectonic shifts at work.

The call for change is rising through the ranks of enterprises as new opportunities in software, data and solutioning emerge. Skilling the workforce is now vital for a smooth transition of the enterprise into the post-pandemic ecosystem.

A few pioneers have taken the lead. In March 2020, when Sweden faced an alarming decrease in airline travel and a growing surge of Covid-19 cases that put a strain on the healthcare sector, it did the unthinkable: reskilled the laid-off cabin staff of

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5 Internet and Digital Media Stocks That May Be Ready to Explode

One of the biggest stories for the past few years has been the incredible market leadership of the mega-cap technology stocks. Last week some of the biggest players posted massive earnings, and as usual shares exploded higher. The conundrum for investors is this: with many of these top companies trading at bloated multiples, is there enough upside remaining from current levels?

One outstanding place to look now may be at the small and mid-cap leaders in the internet and digital media arena. While they too have performed nicely, they are offering growth investors with more risk tolerance some outstanding upside potential for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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The analysts at Truist Securities, which was formed by the merger of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and BB&T Capital Markets, are out with an update on the arena and the firm’s top stock picks there. We selected

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Oregon leaders squandered years on jobless benefits computer upgrade. Now the project’s future is again in doubt

The meltdown at Oregon’s Employment Department that left tens of thousands of jobless Oregonians stranded for weeks or even months during the pandemic was, at its heart, a failure by state leaders and a dysfunctional agency to correct a computer problem they knew of for a decade, an analysis by The Oregonian/OregonLive shows.

They had federal funding and the time to fix their antiquated system but failed to heed repeated warnings to act. The consequences for many Oregonians have been wrenching.

Megan Wilber-Fuchs has been out of work since April, when her old employer laid her off and a new job she had lined up evaporated as businesses pared back in the early days of the pandemic.

The 38-year-old account manager promptly filed for jobless benefits and found herself in the same predicament as tens of thousands of newly out-of-work Oregonians. Wilber-Fuchs’ checks didn’t show up, the employment department’s phone

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Smartphones Prove to Be Time-Saving Tools for Soil Analysis

Experimental set up showing soil sample on a 3D-printed turntable with cell phone. A light provides consistent illumination while a white background and white turntable top reduce background influence. The soil sample is rotated on the turn table while taking an image every one fourth rotation.

Colby Brungard

Seemingly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and we find new uses for them every day. They can help us avoid traffic jams or connect us to family from afar. They can even translate languages on the fly.

Now, scientists have figured out a new trick. Using a regular smartphone camera and some 3D-printed tools, they’ve developed an easier way to measure soil density. With the volume and weight of soil samples, scientists can compare the nutrient or carbon stocks in soils so we better manage them. With their new system, they cheaply reproduced expensive, time-consuming methods that require lasers or

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