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How Do You Know if You Are a Geek?

Several signs will help you identify a geek from the everyday person. Perhaps your friends and classmates at one time caused you to mistake the accompanying crisis of teenage years or mid-life crisis as signs of being a geek. Well, stick with us as we dispel the myths of geekiness. And you can finally tell if you genuinely are a geek or not. Did you hear about the kid who saved the internet only some months ago? Well, he is a perfect benchmark to use as a scale for geekiness.

You are a geek if you:

1.   Are obsessed with a particular area of interest

Geeks have a committed obsession with some regions of interest that takes a significant portion of their lives. It is usually their waking thoughts in the morning and what they do before going to bed at night. Such interests could make a geek lose several … Read More


Pick Up The 16MP Pop-Up Motorola One Fusion+ In The US From Tomorrow

Motorola is finally launching its One Fusion+ in the US, with the device going on sale as of tomorrow. Now, if this smartphone sounds familiar that’s because it actually launched in other regions in early June. But this is the first time the Motorola One Fusion+ is set to arrive in the US.

As to the phone itself, that’s priced to move and comes with a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display. But there’s no punch-hole in that panel either and that’s one of the top-selling points of this handset. Instead, the Full HD+ 2,340 x 1,080 resolution, 395 PPI, and 19.5:9 aspect ratio display is entirely free of obstruction. The front camera, a Full HD resolution video-capable 16-megapixel snapper, sits on a pop-up mechanism.

So that slips in and out of the top edge as needed, leaving the entire screen for media, games, and apps. Motorola also equipped that sensor with

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A Quick Analysis On Upland Software’s (NASDAQ:UPLD) CEO Compensation

This article will reflect on the compensation paid to Jack McDonald who has served as CEO of Upland Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:UPLD) since 2010. This analysis will also assess whether Upland Software pays its CEO appropriately, considering recent earnings growth and total shareholder returns.

Check out our latest analysis for Upland Software

Comparing Upland Software, Inc.’s CEO Compensation With the industry

Our data indicates that Upland Software, Inc. has a market capitalization of US$1.0b, and total annual CEO compensation was reported as US$7.6m for the year to December 2019. We note that’s an increase of 30% above last year. While this analysis focuses on total compensation, it’s worth acknowledging that the salary portion is lower, valued at US$325k.

On examining similar-sized companies in the industry with market capitalizations between US$400m and US$1.6b, we discovered that the median CEO total compensation of that group was US$3.4m. Hence, we can conclude that Jack

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