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World War II Era Stealth Bomber? Meet the Bizarre-Looking YB-49 Flying Wing

Here’s What You Need To Remember: A flying wing reduces drag, making it a useful design for long-range bombing and transport.

As the United States approached World War II, it enjoyed the luxury of many innovative aircraft companies, and a ton of money to spend.  Part of this bounty went to pursuit aircraft, part to tactical attack planes, and part to long-range bombers. This last generated one of the most interesting failures ever to emerge from the U.S. aviation industry; the Northrop YB-49 “flying wing” bomber.

The Flying Wing

Early aviation engineers appreciated the potential for a “flying wing” design. A flying wing, which minimizes fuselage and usually eliminates the tail, reduces many of the aerodynamic compromises associated with a normal fuselage, reducing overall drag. However, many of these features enhance stability, meaning that a flying wing often lacks the stability of a traditional airframe. This makes the aircraft more

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Forecast cone, computer models, updates for Tropical Depression 13

ORLANDO, Fla. – A tropical depression is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane as it heads on a projected path toward Florida.


At 11 p.m. Thursday, Tropical Depression 13 was about 445 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph. The system was moving west-northwest at 22 mph. The system is not well-organized.

The National Hurricane Center said the system is expected to become either Tropical Storm Laura or Marco on Friday, depending on how soon a depression in the Caribbean reaches tropical storm status. A tropical storm has maximum sustained winds of 39-73 mph. The latest official projection shows the system possibly brushing by South Florida as a Category 1 hurricane Monday afternoon and continuing northwest. The latest forecast cone shows a Category 1 storm off Central Florida’s west coast by Tuesday afternoon.

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How to Install iOS in Android Smartphone

If you are looking for the best way to install iOS the operating system onto your Android phone, then you will probably be disappointed since it has not been done publicly. The claims in the past have been debunked or even removed all together.

The ideal solution to get the best iOS experience on your Android phone is to download an iOS launcher. We have downloaded several and played with a few. Some simply crashed and some iOS launchers do not crop the icons correctly to fit. Overall the best iOS launcher that best resembles the iOS interface are listed below. We think you’ll enjoy these for a proper iOS experience on Android. Let’s dive right in!

Like the new user interface that the iPhone XS has to offer, but don’t want to spend all that money on the phone? Well, here’s the good news: you don’t have to.

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Savannah public schools will be thousands short of its order of computer devices when classes start – News – Savannah Morning News

As Savannah-Chatham County public school students return to school via online learning Wednesday, not all of them will have a computer or tablet to access the virtual education platform.

Supply chain issues have delayed the delivery of approximately 14,000 devices ordered by the district in June, school officials acknowledged Monday.

“We are not going to have enough devices for the start of school,” said Stacy Jennings, the district’s director of communications. “Everyone who needs a device will get a device, and they will get that device as soon as it becomes available.”

The School Board authorized the purchase of 14,000 Chromebooks and 7,000 iPads this summer. The district had received only 8,000 Chromebooks and none of the iPads, as of Monday. The iPads are primarily for pre-kindergarten through second grade students.

Laptops and tablets have been in high demand across the country since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as

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The smartphone market is getting a buffeting: not all of it Covid-related, Digital Platforms & Services

Disruption is hitting the smartphone business. Like every other tech sector Covid-19 has struck some hard and others less so. That alone is enough to see rankings and prospects for different vendors change, but there are other disruptive forces out there to exacerbate things. Here’s some detail on the latest buffetings:

Qualcomm v. Huawei

Qualcomm is doing a victory lap having negotiated a back-dated and long-term patent agreement with Huawei which  gives the companies access to each other’s IP. The agreement ends a long dispute between the two with Qualcomm benefiting by $1.8 billion in the September quarter alone. That was enough to boost its share price by 13 per cent in the immediate wake of the news.

Although the US government has banned Huawei from buying Qualcomm chips, buying technology licenses is apparently OK. 

According to Qualcomm CEO, Steve Mollenkopf: “As 5G continues to roll out, we are realizing

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Warburg, TPG Invest in $12 Billion Norwegian Software Firm Visma


Photographer: DIRK WAEM/AFP

Warburg Pincus and TPG agreed to invest in Norwegian software developer Visma, valuing the company at 110 billion krone ($12.2 billion) including debt in one of the European technology industry’s biggest deals this year.

The U.S. private equity firms will acquire minority stakes in Visma, according to a press release Friday. Visma’s biggest shareholder, European buyout firm Hg, is reinvesting in the business and will put up most of the new capital, it said in the statement.

Visma’s deal shows how transactions are still getting done in the technology industry even as Covid-19 hobbles mergers and acquisitions in other sectors. The company’s backers have been considering a stake sale since last year, only to see the plans put on hold during the pandemic. Visma owners revived the sale in recent weeks, targeting a select group of potential investors, Bloomberg News reported this month.

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U.S. global media agency demanded outlets return money for internet freedom projects

The official and others spoke to POLITICO on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to talk to the media.

What the outlets did: In response to the agency’s demands, Middle East Broadcasting Networks provided a paper check of $500,000, and Radio Free Asia provided a check worth $2.9 million, according to two people familiar with the matter. Until last year, the OTF was a program of Radio Free Asia. It’s unclear how Radio Free Europe responded to the order.

The plans: USAGM wants to reallocate the money to other internet freedom projects, and according to a separate agency employee, USAGM officials have been in touch in recent months with the maker of Ultrasurf, software that provides internet firewall circumvention code and which was developed by a member of the Falun Gong, a persecuted Chinese religious minority.

For the last several years, USAGM had refused to provide money for Ultrasurf

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Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford on the importance of improving rural access to technology

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Land O’Lakes, often sounds more like an activist than she does a Big Ag chief executive. On the latest episode of Fortune podcast “Leadership Next,” Ford talks about her cause: bringing technology to the rural communities that need it to survive the pandemic and in the modern world that often moves forward without them. ” data-reactid=”20″Beth Ford, CEO of the $15 billion farmer-owned cooperative Land O’Lakes, often sounds more like an activist than she does a Big Ag chief executive. On the latest episode of Fortune podcast “Leadership Next,” Ford talks about her cause: bringing technology to the rural communities

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Why digital advertising is here to stay

a close up of a sign: Digital advertising is increasingly being adopted by brands in order to chart an effective communication strategy

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Digital advertising is increasingly being adopted by brands in order to chart an effective communication strategy

The rise in consumption of digital media across the country has forced organisations to think ‘digital.’ “Indian government had never indulged in digital advertising, however, this year we had to issue a policy where we began investing in digital advertising so as to reach masses since digital newspapers have become more popular than newspapers,” Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, said. He was speaking at the 16th Marketing Conclave held by industry body Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), virtually.

For Girish Agarwal, director, Dainik Bhaskar Group, the pandemic has made publishers aware of the fact that readers like to be updated 24×7. “In the covid-era, a new dual trend has set in. While people read newspapers in the morning, they go to the news websites

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Shared electric scooters pilot program launches in King County

Lime scooters wait for customers at Auckland’s Wynyard Wharf on November 28, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)

A one-year pilot program for shared electric scooters launched Monday in King County in the North Highline Urban Unincorporated Area, including White Center. Shared scooters operate similarly to bike share programs, where anyone can access a scooter using a smartphone app, ride to their destination, and leave it in an appropriate location.

E-scooters could arrive in White Center before end of year

The new electric scooters are operated by Lime, which has tested both bike and car share programs in Seattle over the past few years. It is still possible to ride if you don’t have a smartphone or credit card, just contact Lime to learn about its discounted program for qualified riders.

King County says shared scooter use is increasing where they are available, as riding alone

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