178 Terabits Per Second! Scientists Build World’s Fastest Internet Ever That Can Download All Of Netflix In 1 Second

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What if you could download the entire content available on Netflix in only one second? Sounds impossible, right? However, it’s true! Researchers in London have come with the fastest ever internet by reaching a speed of 178 terabits per second or 178,000 Gbps. The speed is double the capacity of any system currently used in the world, and a fifth faster than the previous world record held by a team in Japan with 150 Tbps. The connection is so fast that it would be able to download the entire Netflix library in just one second.

This project has been carried out by the Royal Academy of Engineering Researcher Dr Lidia Galdino and Xtera and Kiddi Research. In a statement, Dr. Galdino said, “Independent of the COVID-19 crisis, internet traffic has increased exponentially over the last 10 years and this whole growth in data demand is related to the cost per bit going down. The development of new technologies is crucial to maintaining this trend towards lower costs while meeting future data rate demands that will continue to increase, with as yet unthought-of applications that will transform people’s lives.” How did they achieve it? In order to get such rocket speeds, UCL researchers applied a higher range of wavelengths instead of the standard fibre optic ones. They also used newer amplifier technology to boost the signal farther while amplifying it massively. The bespoke system used a bandwidth of 16.8 terahertz (THz) in a single-fibre core, four times the 4.5 THz used by most of our current network infrastructure.

However, this technology is not going to be put to commercial use any time soon.

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