Breaking News: Color World Announces Debut of the Color World App After its Online Concert Becomes Part of Music History

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Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: HHT) (the “Company”, “we” or “HHT”) officially broadcasted the Color World Online Concert to audiences around the globe via its official platform “Color World” at 9 pm Eastern Time on September 9th. The Color World Online Concert attracted over half a million viewers from mainland China and all over the world. Global Social media networks reached over 10 million hits.

More than ten international celebrities including Grammy-winning jazz guitarist Larry Carlton, “Pop Music Queen” Na Ying from mainland China, Hong Kong’s legendary singer George Lam, globally-renown pianist Wu Muye, R&B singer-songwriter Ashanti, among others, presented a music feast with remarkable international flavors. Combining showcase performances with proprietary tech tools, the event was equally memorable for moving vocals and masterful instrumentals as well as its sheer technological reach.

While the performers took center stage, investors saw yet another emergence of the future’s star economy of

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Canada makes contact tracing smartphone app available

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Trudeau previously announced the creation of the app. It will be voluntary and if someone tests positive, other users who have the app and have been in proximity will then be alerted they’ve been exposed to someone who has tested positive.

Trudeau says privacy will be respected.  Governments around the world have been turning to smartphone technology to help battle fresh virus flare-ups as they ease lockdown restrictions.

But technical problems and privacy concerns have dogged the development of virus tracing apps. The app which has been developed with the help of Canadian technology companies Shopify and BlackBerry.

During a press briefing Trudeau also announced Canada will begin to transition people off the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), its main emergency income support program and onto traditional unemployment benefits in September.

Canada started CERB to offer support to the millions of Canadians who lost their jobs amid COVID 19 shutdowns.

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Facebook’s New App Is Nostalgic for the Old Web

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In that context, is fun to look at, but it also scans as a rhetorical exercise to prove a point. When I reached out to Facebook to hear more about why was created, I was directed to a recent report—commissioned by Facebook—showing that “about one-third of [the] top 100 most downloaded apps are new entrants each year.” In other words, that there is no monopoly on human attention, and there is plenty of room for creative upstarts. Ime Archibong, the head of the New Product Experimentation team, reiterated this point in an emailed statement, saying, “Last year, the average person had 93 apps installed on their phone and used 41 per month … All of this choice and competition fuels innovation.”

At the hearing, Representative Joe Neguse of Colorado hounded Zuckerberg over the consolidation of the social-media market, listing Myspace, Friendster, Orkut,

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Combative TikTok Founder Races to Save App Before Trump Ban

(Bloomberg) — Zhang Yiming is the little-known Chinese entrepreneur who built TikTok into one of the most promising franchises on the internet. Now the brainy, combative founder is under pressure to save the business from Trump administration threats.

Venture investors in TikTok parent ByteDance Ltd. have approached Zhang with a range of proposals to address U.S. concerns that the short-video app is a security threat, according to people familiar with the matter. They include selling a majority stake in TikTok to American interests, perhaps strategic investors or the venture firms themselves, said the people, asking not to be identified because the talks are private.

Zhang, who controls the company, has so far resisted. He’s tried building up TikTok’s operations in the U.S., hiring an American chief executive officer and reassuring regulators that user data will not be shared outside the country. TikTok has also stepped up its lobbying in Washington,

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Need to shake up your work routine? Try a productivity app.

Need to shake up your work routine? Try a productivity app.
Need to shake up your work routine? Try a productivity app.

There is, put simply, a ton of crap to get done. Keeping track of all of it can be a real nightmare, which is why you may want to set your sights on a productivity app.

Increasing your productivity means something different to everyone. Maybe you often feel overwhelmed by the tasks in front of you and want a way to sort them into categories. Maybe you want a to-do list that’s better than a Google Doc. Maybe you want to split tasks into smaller, more manageable goals: a method that makes big projects seem less daunting and can also Speaking of distractions, maybe you want to decrease the time you spend scrolling through social media during the workday and increase the time you spend working.

Whatever your needs, there’s likely a productivity app that’ll give you a little

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Why is Prime Video not working? How to troubleshoot your Amazon Prime Video app when it won’t play properly

If Prime Video stops working, there are a few simple fixes.
If Prime Video stops working, there are a few simple fixes.

Patrick Semansky/AP Images

  • If your Prime Video app isn’t working, start by making sure your account is active, and then check to make sure you’re connected to the internet.

  • Try using Prime Video on another device, and if it works there, reboot the first device.

  • Other things you can try include reinstalling the Prime Video app, and making sure you have enough internet bandwidth.

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Like most streaming services, Amazon Prime Video usually runs without issue.

However, it’s inevitable that at some point, you’ll run into some sort of issue — that’s just technology for you.

If Prime Video isn’t working for you, these are the most common problems and solutions.

Check out the products mentioned in this article:

Amazon Prime Video (From $8.99 at Amazon)

Make sure your Prime Video

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Google Sued for Allegedly Tracking App Users After They Opt Out

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Is Google tracking you as you move around the internet, even if you’ve opted out of data collection?

A lawsuit filed in California is making that claim. The issues are complicated, but one thing seems clear: The suit highlights the sprawling nature of Google’s business, and how hard it is for consumers to understand all the ways the company can collect and use their personal data.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in San Jose, Calif., on behalf of two consumers, but it asks for class action status that could allow many more plaintiffs to join the suit.

If you’ve got a Google account, you can use a privacy setting called Web & App Activity to tell the company not to collect and use information it gathers from your searches, web browsing, and other sources. The setting was

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I tried Hey, the $99 a year email app that Apple threatened to remove from the App Store, and it completely changed the way I look at my inbox forever

The Hey app focuses on its so called Imbox, for important email.
The Hey app focuses on its so called Imbox, for important email.


  • Hey is a new email app from Basecamp that’s designed to help you get the most out of your email.

  • It lets you sort emails into categories for newsletters and shipping notifications, and makes it possible to screen emails just like you screen phone calls.

  • The email provider, which was initially invite-only, has caught on in the short time it’s been available, breaking into the top 100 iPhone apps the day after it launched.

  • Overall, I found that Hey made my inbox feel more organized and has the potential to help me find relevant information more quickly, but it comes with a learning curve and a hefty price tag: $99 per year.

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There’s been an obsession with killing email in recent years, and for good reason. Our inboxes have become

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India’s App Ban Threatens China’s Rise as a Global Tech Power

(Bloomberg) — China over the past decade built an alternate online reality where Google and Facebook barely exist. Now its own largest tech corporations from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. to Tencent Holdings Ltd. are getting a taste of what a shutout feels like.

India’s unprecedented decision to ban 59 of China’s largest apps is a warning to the country’s tech giants, who for years thrived behind a government-imposed Great Firewall that kept out many of America’s best-known internet names. If India finds a way to carry out that threat, it may present a model for other countries from Europe to Southeast Asia that seek to curtail the pervasiveness of apps like ByteDance Ltd.’s TikTok while safeguarding their citizens’ enormously valuable data.

The surprise moratorium hit Chinese internet companies just as they were beginning to make headway in the world’s fastest-growing mobile arena, en route to going global and challenging American

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Marlboro Family Develops App To Support Small Businesses

MARLBORO, NJ – As Marlboro Township School District students Raghav and Vaibhav Herugu traded in-person classes for online learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, the brothers also traded quarantine boredom for an impactful project to help sustain the local economy.

Enlisting the help of their parents and a close family friend, the pair founded Local Main Street, a website and phone application aimed to connect local residents with local establishments, many of which still struggle to get on their feet after the state shut down various non-essential services in March.

The website sells vouchers for nearby restaurants, spas, music schools and handmade goods. The vouchers do not expire and will help small businesses keep their doors open until customers feel safe enough to go outside and use their services.

“During the COVID-19 crisis, we saw a lot of businesses shutting down and struggling to survive, so we just tried to

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