Pixel 4a Becomes The First Smartphone To Get ioXt Certified At Launch

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A week ago, Google announced the budget Pixel 4a smartphone. Today, the Alphabet-owned company confirmed that the Pixel 4a is the first smartphone to come with ioXt certification, an international standard for IoT security, at launch.

Alongside the Pixel 4a, last year’s Pixel 4 smartphones are also certified by the Internet of Secure Things Alliance (ioXt). Interestingly, the announcement comes just after Google discontinued the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones.

Google Pixel 4a gets ioXt certification for Android profile

The alliance is looking after the security compliance assessment program for connected devices. It currently has over 200 members including Google, Amazon, Facebook, T-Mobile, Comcast, Zigbee Alliance, and others. Apart from smartphones, the ioXt certification devices include smart lighting, smart speakers, and webcams.

With smartphones becoming the key device for accessing smart home devices, the ioXt certification should enhance credibility. The above-mentioned Pixel 4a smartphones are ioXt Certified under

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70% of smartphones shipped in the US during the second quarter were made in China

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Distributors increased orders for ultra-low-end Android smartphones from lesser-known China made smartphones like Unimax and Wiko to match the tight consumer budgets and limited spending power of the Americans after millions of them lost their jobs and US unemployment rate crossed record high amid COVID19.

Around 70% smartphones shipped in the US during second quarter this year were made in China, says Canalys, a market analyst firm.

The number of China-made smartphones shipped in the world’s third largest smartphone market surged 10 points from 60% during the first three months of the year. The total smartphones shipped in the United States in the second quarter jumped 11% to 31.9 million from the previous quarter.

“Resumption of Chinese factory operations at the end of March and stores reopening in May and June were key contributors to sequential market growth,” Canalys said.

The federally-subsidized Lifeline program provides discounted phones for low-income Americans.

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Thousands Of Chinese Smartphones Sold In Egypt Revealed To Come With Malware That Steals Money & User Information

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Malware that signed users up to subscription services without their permission has been found on thousands of Chinese mobile devices sold in Africa.

Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, UMX, ANS, Infinix, and Tecno phones have all been found to have built-in malware that steals money, data, and user’s information. The malware is pre-installed and extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to remove.

Cheap Chinese smartphones are particularly popular in developing countries with high poverty rates. The desire to be able to access the internet, while not spending months worth of wages on a Samsung or Apple phone drives Chinese-made phone sales, particularly in Africa.

Anti-fraud firm Upstream found the malicious code on the majority of Tecno, Infinix, UMX, and ANS mobiles sold in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, and South Africa.

Similar malware was also found on Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Huawei phones, but with less prevalence than the cheaper versions manufactured by Transsion Holdings, the

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All 2020 OnePlus Smartphones Become Android Enterprise Recommended

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All smartphones that OnePlus announced in 2020 are now ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’. This is a goal OnePlus set for itself earlier this year, and now all of its 2020 devices reached it. Just to be clear, those devices include the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and Nord.

Google has kicked off the Android Enterprise Recommended program back in February 2018. That program is supposed to have a list of certified devices that are recommended for enterprises to offer to their employees.

All OnePlus smartphones announced in 2020 are now Android Enterprise Recommended

At the moment, over 190 smartphones are certified as part of this program. In order for a device to become AER, it must mess some software update requirements. On top of that, it needs to meet specific hardware requirements.

Phones that are eligible for this certification need to offer at least 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and 8+

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Chinese-Made Smartphones Are Secretly Stealing Money From People Around The World

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When Mxolosi saw a Tecno W2 smartphone in a store in Johannesburg, South Africa, he was attracted to its looks and functionality. But what really drew him in was the price, roughly $30 — far less than comparable models from Samsung, Nokia, or Huawei, Africa’s other top brands.

“They’re very attractive and appealing to your eyes,” Mxolosi, who asked for his last name not to be used to protect his personal safety, told BuzzFeed News. “Honestly, I was a Samsung fan but I said, ‘Let me try this new product.’”

It was another sale for Transsion, the Chinese company that makes Tecno and other low-priced smartphones, as well as basic handsets, for the developing world. Since releasing its first smartphone in 2014, the upstart has grown to become Africa’s top handset seller, beating out longtime market leaders Samsung and Nokia.

But its success can come at a price. Mxolosi, an

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Qualcomm Win in Antitrust Suit Restores Lucrative Licensing

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Qualcomm Inc.’s lucrative patent licensing business lives on, after a court rejected a requirement that the company renegotiate billions of dollars worth of agreements with smartphone makers.

The chipmaker won a major victory Tuesday in a federal appeals court, which ruled that a judge was wrong to side with the Federal Trade Commission in 2019 in finding that Qualcomm had violated antitrust law. The appeals court also vacated an order that the company redo licensing accords with smartphone makers like Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Such licenses generated $4.6 billion in revenue for Qualcomm last year.

Qualcomm climbed 2.3% on the news to close at $108.83 in New York trading.

“The court’s ruling is disappointing and we will be considering our options,” FTC Bureau of Competition Director Ian Conner said in a statement.

The case won’t return to the trial judge, but the FTC can ask that it be

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One Million South Koreans Now Have Blockchain Drivers Licenses

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One million South Koreans have foregone their physical drivers license in favour of a blockchain-powered digital alternative used in conjunction with the PASS smartphone app.

This represents more than 3% of the entire driving population in South Korea, which sat at 32.6 million licensed drivers in 2019 according to Statista. This is the first authorized digital identification card to be used throughout South Korea and received approval by the nation’s Ministry of Science and ICT in September 2019.

The project was launched in May by the National Police Agency in partnership with the Korea Road Traffic Authority, and the country’s three major telecommunication providers: SK, KT and LG U+. By last month, 27 of South Korea’s driver’s license testing centres were using the PASS app to renew and reissue digital drivers licenses.

The legally recognised ID solution can also be used for identification and proof-of-age requirements, such as at convenience

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Huawei: Smartphone chips running out under US sanctions

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BEIJING (AP) — Chinese tech giant Huawei is running out of processor chips to make smartphones due to U.S. sanctions and will be forced to stop production of its own most advanced chips, a company executive says, in a sign of growing damage to Huawei’s business from American pressure.

Huawei Technologies Ltd., one of the biggest producers of smartphones and network equipment, is at the center of U.S.-Chinese tension over technology and security. The feud has spread to include the popular Chinese-owned video app TikTok and China-based messaging service WeChat.

Washington cut off Huawei’s access to U.S. components and technology including Google’s music and other smartphone services last year. Those penalties were tightened in May when the White House barred vendors worldwide from using U.S. technology to produce components for Huawei.

Production of Kirin chips designed by Huawei’s own engineers will stop Sept. 15 because they are made by contractors

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Samsung’s new UV Steriliser is designed to disinfect your smartphones, accessories and essentials in just 10 minutes; details

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Samsung’s UV Steriliser uses a single button to quickly get to business.

Samsung has launched a UV Steriliser for smartphones, accessories and other essential items in India. Manufactured by its Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP) partner Samsung C&T, the UV Steriliser boasts of a compact yet efficient design that’s still big enough to disinfect a large phone like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in just 10 minutes.

Citing tests conducted by two independent certification institutes, Intertek and SGS, Samsung said its UV Steriliser (or in fact, any UV Steriliser) can “effectively” kills up to 99% of the bacteria and germs including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans. There’s been a growing demand for such “disinfectant” devices especially in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“The UV Steriliser is a perfect and compact device to keep our personal daily belongings germ free, protected and disinfected,” Mohandeep Singh, who

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Apple’s assembly partners applying for India’s $6.6B manufacturing incentive program

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Apple’s assembly partners Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron have all applied to participate in India’s $6.6 billion Production-Linked Incentive Scheme, in a bid for benefits for increasing production of smartphones in the country.

India has been planning the PLI scheme for some time, with a goal to tempt large-scale manufacturers to increase their production of smartphones in the country. According to the Indian government, Apple’s manufacturing partners will be taking part in the scheme, as well as Samsung and other local mobile device vendors.

The scheme will provide a 6% financial incentive on additional sales of goods produced in the country over a five-year period, TechCrunch reports India IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad informing a press conference on Saturday. Production between 2019 and 2020 will be set as the base year for improvement measurement.

Under the scheme, which has received 22 applications from firms ranging from assemblers to electronic component producers,

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