Technology growing increasingly fast in modern world, says Putin – Business & Economy

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NOVO-OGARYOVO, September 1. /TASS/. The pace of technological development is accelerating in today’s world, influencing a lot of various spheres, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday at the all-Russian open lesson.

“You are growing and maturing, and it all happens in the rapidly changing word where technologies are developing at a rampant pace, influencing all spheres of life, and where new scientific achievements make is possible today to do what just yesterday seemed impossible. It is important that the pace of these changes are measured in leaps and bounds, and it will only increase,” Putin told schoolchildren.

According to him, the world in not easy now and is becoming more and more complicated now. The leader added, “nobody can be 100% sure what subjects will be studied in high school by the current first graders and what skills and professions will be in demand in the 2030s.”

“Just like the

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ASCI partners with TAM Media Research to expand ad monitoring to digital platforms

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a close up of a flower: With this, ASCI will now be monitoring a media horizon that is estimated to have more than 80% of India's advertising spend on it

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With this, ASCI will now be monitoring a media horizon that is estimated to have more than 80% of India’s advertising spend on it

With digital advertising on the rise amidst the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has partnered with TAM Media Research to add the monitoring of digital platforms to the already tracked print and television media under its National Advertising Monitoring Service (NAMS) for identifying potentially misleading advertisements.

As per ASCI, initially it will track the food and beverage, healthcare and education sectors on digital media since the three sectors accounted for 79% of the complaints processed by ASCI last year. With this, ASCI said, it will now be monitoring a media horizon that is estimated to have more than 80% of India’s advertising spend on it.

With digital advertising now accounting

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IBM doubles its quantum computer performance

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IBM quantum computers look nothing like a classical computer.

IBM quantum computers look nothing like a classical computer.

Stephen Shankland/CNET

IBM has doubled the performance of its quantum computers compared with last year’s model, a key step in delivering on the promise of the revolutionary machines. But it’s only an early step, and rivals are breathing down Big Blue’s neck.

The fundamental data processing element in a quantum computer is called a qubit, and having more of them is better. They’re notoriously finicky, though, because outside influences like heat easily perturb them and derail quantum calculations. To best measure performance, IBM created a test called quantum volume that’s designed to reflect both how many qubits a quantum computer has and how much work they actually accomplish.

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IBM doubles its quantum computer power


In 2019, IBM reached a quantum volume of 32. This year, it reached 64, adding a second year to its plan to

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Pixel 4a Becomes The First Smartphone To Get ioXt Certified At Launch

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A week ago, Google announced the budget Pixel 4a smartphone. Today, the Alphabet-owned company confirmed that the Pixel 4a is the first smartphone to come with ioXt certification, an international standard for IoT security, at launch.

Alongside the Pixel 4a, last year’s Pixel 4 smartphones are also certified by the Internet of Secure Things Alliance (ioXt). Interestingly, the announcement comes just after Google discontinued the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones.

Google Pixel 4a gets ioXt certification for Android profile

The alliance is looking after the security compliance assessment program for connected devices. It currently has over 200 members including Google, Amazon, Facebook, T-Mobile, Comcast, Zigbee Alliance, and others. Apart from smartphones, the ioXt certification devices include smart lighting, smart speakers, and webcams.

With smartphones becoming the key device for accessing smart home devices, the ioXt certification should enhance credibility. The above-mentioned Pixel 4a smartphones are ioXt Certified under

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2020 Church Management Software Market Study – The Evolution of Church Management Systems

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The “2020 ChMS Market Study – The Evolution of Church Management Systems” report has been added to’s offering.

This report, based on a survey of church administrators and pastors, is the latest in a series to examine the evolution in church management software solutions. There are scores of church management software solutions available to American churches, and these solutions are becoming more dynamic and flexible all the time, adapting to the ongoing and growing needs of church communities.

This study was initiated and conducted independently by the analyst, gathering results that reflect the opinions of customers and potential customers. As an independent researcher, the analyst is not biased toward or against any individual companies or products which might be rated in the report.

This report features 35 extensive tables of findings, graphs, scores of verbatim comments from ChMS users, and text to explain the response

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How to Know If a Website Is Trustworthy

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The internet has served to make the world a global village with a large amount of knowledge easily accessible at our fingertips with the click of a button. However, it is not allwebsites that are developed to share information.Fake information spreads quickly online, so smart surfers created some series of checkpoints that help distinguish authentic information from a fake one. It’s important to remember that appearances could be deceiving on the internet as not everyone shares reliable news. In fact, most fake stories are paid a lot of attention.

We present some tips below on how to verify the trustworthiness of a particular site.

1.  Author

Once you open a blog, you can check for the name of the author. This is done to verify if the articles were written by people with the relevant qualifications or background. If so, it is a good sign that the information … Read More