What To Do When Your Computer Is Attacked

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Moran Zavdi is the founder of Nucleon Cyber, which provides actionable, proactive cyber threat intelligence for organizations. 

I bet you can see the scene before you now: The hair on the back of your neck stands up, and the panic creeps up your spine as you face your computer with dread — the screen has turned black. A message informs you that you’re under attack. Pay the ransom, or the person on the other end will erase your computer memory, steal files or share private information such as secure customer data. You freeze. What do you do next?

Your gut instinct may be to quickly press the power button and shut down the computer or run to an expert for help. Before you do, you should check a couple of items to reduce any damaging effects. Follow these easy steps to make sure you make the right choices

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Thousands Of Chinese Smartphones Sold In Egypt Revealed To Come With Malware That Steals Money & User Information

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Malware that signed users up to subscription services without their permission has been found on thousands of Chinese mobile devices sold in Africa.

Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, UMX, ANS, Infinix, and Tecno phones have all been found to have built-in malware that steals money, data, and user’s information. The malware is pre-installed and extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to remove.

Cheap Chinese smartphones are particularly popular in developing countries with high poverty rates. The desire to be able to access the internet, while not spending months worth of wages on a Samsung or Apple phone drives Chinese-made phone sales, particularly in Africa.

Anti-fraud firm Upstream found the malicious code on the majority of Tecno, Infinix, UMX, and ANS mobiles sold in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, and South Africa.

Similar malware was also found on Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Huawei phones, but with less prevalence than the cheaper versions manufactured by Transsion Holdings, the

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