The fast rise and painful fall of Kenya’s internet celebrities

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Gitonga, ‘the president’, is not the first Kenyan to have been thrust into the limelight by social media. Before him, there were several others. Most of them, however, faded back into obscurity. Photo: Courtesy.

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Two weeks ago, Michael Njogo Gitonga, the man with an uncanny resemblance to President Uhuru Kenyatta, emerged from virtual anonymity to instant fame. Within minutes of Gitonga’s photos being shared on social media, they had been reposted on multiple platforms, turning him into a hot online conversation topic and immediately catapulting him into the limelight. Like many other ordinary Kenyans who sparked interest on social media, Gitonga found himself becoming an instant celebrity. Suddenly, several companies want to be associated with him, offering him all manner of goodies.

“We cannot meet now as we had planned because I have a meeting with Bonfire Adventures,” Gitonga said when The Standard sought him out last Friday.

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For My Kid’s First Computer, I Couldn’t Beat an Old Desktop

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My son has been asking my husband and me for a Nintendo Switch for the past three years. But three months into quarantine and a week before his ninth birthday, he asked to be gifted a desktop computer instead.

With camps and sports cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, he spent much of this summer rekindling his obsession with Minecraft. The more invested he was in the game, the more limited he felt by his tiny iPhone 7 screen. Further, many of the group educational classes he wanted us to enroll him in, such as this game-design camp on Outschool, required students to use the PC or Mac version. Unbeknownst to us and, according to myriad Chromebook reviews, many other befuddled parents, it hasn’t been possible to play Minecraft on a Chromebook, even a “nice” one. (Well, not without a complicated Linux workaround—or nowadays, an Office 365 Education account.)1

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All 2020 OnePlus Smartphones Become Android Enterprise Recommended

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All smartphones that OnePlus announced in 2020 are now ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’. This is a goal OnePlus set for itself earlier this year, and now all of its 2020 devices reached it. Just to be clear, those devices include the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and Nord.

Google has kicked off the Android Enterprise Recommended program back in February 2018. That program is supposed to have a list of certified devices that are recommended for enterprises to offer to their employees.

All OnePlus smartphones announced in 2020 are now Android Enterprise Recommended

At the moment, over 190 smartphones are certified as part of this program. In order for a device to become AER, it must mess some software update requirements. On top of that, it needs to meet specific hardware requirements.

Phones that are eligible for this certification need to offer at least 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and 8+

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