Best cloud computing services of 2020: for Digital Transformation

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Cloud computing services offer the opportunity for businesses to undergo digital transformation where they provide services, software, apps, processing, or storage through the cloud.

Best cloud computing services

Cloud services have revolutionized computing, not least through IaaS, PaaS, and especially SaaS, which have allowed businesses to develop virtualized IT infrastructure and deliver software through the cloud, independent of a user’s operating system.

Even better still, businesses can also mix and match cloud services from different providers through cloud brokers in order to ensure these services work to maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness, but also to reduce the chances of vendor lock-in while also improving redundancy. This may require additional cloud management software, but for larger businesses the economic effects can be significant.

Because cloud services are run through software platforms and virtualized networks, it means that it’s easy to access and analyse data for the purposes of analytics as well

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Why Are There Roaches Inside My Computer?

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Giz AsksGiz AsksIn this Gizmodo series, we ask questions about everything and get answers from a variety of experts.

There are some things that belong in a computer. Wires, chips, whirring mechanical doodads—what most of us would think of, sensibly, as “hard drive stuff.” Absent from this list—absent from most lists, except those dealing with repugnant, six-legged disease vectors—are cockroaches. A cockroach in a hard drive? That is simply not where a cockroach is supposed to be. And yet there they are, defying the laws of hard drives, not to mention nature. What is responsible for this abomination? What is it in the twisted cockroach psyche that compels them over and over to commit this particular crime? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts to find out.

Walt Oakhem

Owner at York Computer Repair


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Chinese-Made Smartphones Are Secretly Stealing Money From People Around The World

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When Mxolosi saw a Tecno W2 smartphone in a store in Johannesburg, South Africa, he was attracted to its looks and functionality. But what really drew him in was the price, roughly $30 — far less than comparable models from Samsung, Nokia, or Huawei, Africa’s other top brands.

“They’re very attractive and appealing to your eyes,” Mxolosi, who asked for his last name not to be used to protect his personal safety, told BuzzFeed News. “Honestly, I was a Samsung fan but I said, ‘Let me try this new product.’”

It was another sale for Transsion, the Chinese company that makes Tecno and other low-priced smartphones, as well as basic handsets, for the developing world. Since releasing its first smartphone in 2014, the upstart has grown to become Africa’s top handset seller, beating out longtime market leaders Samsung and Nokia.

But its success can come at a price. Mxolosi, an

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