Shares retreat globally on U.S.-China tensions, gold soars

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NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) – Shares worldwide skidded further on Friday as a pickup in U.S. and European business activity did little to ease jitters about rising U.S.-China tensions, while gold broke above $1,900 an ounce on its march toward a record high.

FILE PHOTO: Traders wearing masks work, on the first day of in person trading since the closure during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S., May 26, 2020. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo

In a tit-for-tat move, Beijing ordered Washington to close the U.S. consulate in Chengdu in retaliation for China being told earlier this week to shut its consulate in Houston.

Data showing business activity in the euro zone returned to growth failed to cheer investors. German manufacturing avoided contraction for the first time in 19 months in July with a notable upturn in sales

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How Warrior Nun blends religion & tech

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Barry said of the decision to mash up technology and religion, “We were doing a show that had a mythology that was thousands of years old, and we wanted to honor the connection to that. But at the same time, it takes place in 2020, and it’s about a group of young people.” He continued, “We wanted to at least open the universe up to both realities and [avoid making] it exclusive to one or the other.”

While some people see religion and science as mutually exclusive, Barry is far more interested in exploring how they go together. He explained, “The idea that science and religion were two sides of the same coin was fascinating to us because we were dealing with mystery and supernatural elements already in our show, which are things like the halo and the mythology of the halo.” The showrunner clarified, “It seems like a natural

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China Fastest Growing Digital Media Market in the World

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LONDON—The growth of the global digital media industry has been significant over the last few years as content consumption on the internet gains in popularity, and nowhere has that been more evident than in China.

According to a report new data from Statista Global Consumer Survey, reported on by GoldenCasinoNews, the world’s five largest digital media markets—the U.S., China, Japan, the U.K. and Germany—are expected to reach $116 billion in value in 2020, an increase of $18.2 billion from the market’s value in 2017 ($97.8 billion). 

The digital media industry includes audio/visual media content distributed over the internet, including digital video content, music, video games and electronically published content.

The U.S. is still the largest market for digital media in the world, expected to reach a value of $51.3 billion in 2020, which is an increase of $6.9 billion since 2017. 

However, China, which is the second largest market,

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Independent Digital Media Is Being Shut Down Around the World, and We’re Being Distracted From It

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Amid the current global pandemic (also known as COVID-19), the shut down of independent digital media all over the world has started to become prevalent. Persecution by the government against critical journalists and media agencies are prevalent.

We are all distracted by the news. We seem to accidentally ignore the charges the government gives to its critics, including journalists and media outlets. Widespread criticisms, demands for accountability, and fact-based news – these are what political news websites show its readers. But crackdowns from authorities seem to hold news by the neck. Is this a sign of media shutdown and censorship?

All world leaders (and even celebrities) know that critics are a part of the package. No matter how great, or poor, a leader’s performance can be, there will always be an individual or a group of people who would not share the same visions and provide a critique to any

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Everything you need to know about global digital usage in July 2020

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The global digital landscape is still evolving rapidly as we enter the second half of 2020, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continuing to influence and reshape various aspects of people’s daily lives. 

Lockdowns may have been lifted across across the world, but many of the new digital behaviors that people adopted during confinement have endured, resulting in meaningful increases in various kinds of digital activity.

For context, Akamai reports that global internet traffic has grown by as much as 30% this year, while research from GlobalWebIndex shows that we’re still spending considerably more time using connected tech than we were at the start of 2020.

All of this increased activity has resulted in some important milestones and trends in the new Digital 2020 July Global Statshot report, produced in partnership between We Are Social and Hootsuite

Key headlines this quarter include:

  • More than half of the world now uses
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Homebrew 16-Bit Computer Is A Wire-Wrapped Work Of Art

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Breadboard 8-bit computer builds seem all the rage these days, and with good reason: building your own CPU from the board up using discrete logic chips is a great way to really learn how microprocessors work. Not to mention that it’s an incredible flex. But once you’ve conquered the eight-bit, what do you do? Easy: build a 16-bit computer from 74HC logic chips.

Attentive readers will likely remember this computer’s builder, [Paulo Constantino], from his previous work on 8-bit breadboard computers. As gloriously entropic as that tangled mass of wires was, it must have been a nightmare for [Paulo] to maintain. And so when the time came to upgrade, he wisely chose a more integrated construction method. The construction method is wire-wrapping, with multiple cards plugged into backplane and connected by ribbon cables. The whole card cage is far neater than the previous build, and seems to lend itself to

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What is DNA Storage? | “The Wizard of Oz” Stored In DNA

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  • DNA can store far more data than a magnetic hard drive, but the technology is limited because the genetic material is prone to errors.
  • Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have come up with a way to store information in strands of DNA, while also correcting those errors.
  • To prove it, they’ve put the entirety of The Wizard of Oz—translated into Esperanto— into strands of DNA, with greater accuracy than prior methods.

    When the Voyager spacecrafts launched in 1977, ready to study the outer limits of our solar system, they brought with them two golden phonograph records that each contained an assemblage of sounds and images meant to represent life on Earth. But in the future, the perfect next-gen space capsule could be found within our bodies.

    That’s because DNA is millions of times more efficient at storing data than your laptop’s magnetic hard drive. Since DNA

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    Intel’s stock plunges as work on new computer chip bogs down

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    SAN RAMON, Calif. (AP) — Intel is falling further behind in the race to build faster and more powerful computer chips, a nagging problem that may force the Silicon Valley pioneer to seek help from other manufacturers as it scrambles to catch up in the technological arms race.

    The sobering news emerged late Thursday when Intel disclosed that there will be a six-month to one-year delay on its development of a next-generation chip-making process already in use by a major Taiwan supplier, TSMC.

    The unexpected snag means Intel’s 7-nanometer processing technology won’t be ready until the end of 2022 or early 2023, raising the possibility that other chip makers will already have taken another leap ahead.

    Intel’s stock plunged 16% in Friday’s afternoon trading as investors adjusted to the tectonic shifts that have transformed Intel from a trailblazer to a laggard in an area of technology that it dominated for

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    20 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Built Apple’s G4 Cube. It Bombed

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    I admitted it was gorgeous. But I had a question for him. Earlier in the conversation, he had drawn Apple’s product matrix, four squares representing laptop and desktop, high and low end. Since returning to Apple in 1997, he had filled in all the quadrants with the iMac, Power Mac, iBook, and PowerBook. The Cube violated the wisdom of his product plan. It didn’t have the power features of the high-end Power Mac, like slots or huge storage. And it was way more expensive than the low-end iMac, even before you spent for a necessary separate display required of Cube owners. Knowing I was risking his ire, I asked him: Just who was going to buy this?

    Jobs didn’t miss a beat. “That’s easy!” he said. “A ton of people who are pros. Every designer is going to buy one.”

    Here was his justification for violating his matrix theory: “We

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    Twitter cries foul over Fox Sports’ computer-generated Dodgers fans

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    Baseball is back, and judging by the ratings, fans are happy, even if the season is starting in the middle of the summer.

    But this isn’t exactly the baseball fans know and love.

    In the age of COVID-19, the stadiums are mostly empty since fans aren’t allowed to attend games in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Cutouts took the place of fans, and while they

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